Payment due upon booking.

Now that you're signed up, let's get the payment squared away! Simply click here and it'll take you to my VENMO page or scan the QR code below. The total for the session + tax is $37.54 x the number of spots you purchased (the total is also listed on the form you filled out which should be in your inbox soon). Once I receive your payment, you are officially booked! If payment is not received within 24 hours upon signing up for your session, your time-slot will be made available to the public. If you do not have VENMO, payment may also be made by cash or check. Please make the checks out to Mariko Hesterman.

Scan me!

To pay via VENMO, please scan the QR code to send your payment.

The million dollar question: What to wear.

It's easy to get stumped on the outfits, which honestly is the hardest part about preparing for photos in my opinion. I have found that the least stressful way to conquer outfits is by staying with neutrals -- creams, whites, blush pinks, ashy grays, faded blues, muted sage, etc. The key is to stick with mostly creams, whites, soft tans, and add in one or two colors to give your images that light and airy look!


Yup. I totally bring the bribes. My typical go-to for bribes are smartees or mini marshmellows during the session, and then bring out the dum-dums at the very end. You're more than welcome to bring your own ammo as well, but please bring treats that dissolve quickly and/or do not leave colors on their mouths and tongue. Also, try not to mention bribes to the kids until we are running out of tricks. Once the kids hear there are treats, there's usually nothing else on their minds except the sugar! So again, I'll be sure to let the kids know "I have a surprise for them" and that typically keeps their attention on me.

Arrive early.

Because these micro sessions are the shortest sessions I offer, and they are immediately back to back with the next session, I ask that you come early to be ready to go when it is your turn so we can stay on schedule. Take traffic into consideration as well! One trick that many moms use for keeping their kids clean before the shoot is to dress them once they arrive at the location. While this is 100% okay and even suggested especially for the tiny ones, be sure to plan for that time you will be getting them into their outfits and doing last touch-ups!